I am finally retired after almost 40 years of restoring Navajo rugs.

A huge thank-you to all the lovely customers and beautiful rugs I have met over the years.

About me

I began my apprenticeship learning the craft of Navajo rug restoration in Sedona, Arizona in 1982. As a weaver, I had the basic technical skills necessary to create original textiles but reweaving is a different skillset. In a way, I had to get into the mind of the weaver in order to anticipate how to recreate her work of art. Since every rug is unique, each one has its own charm and set of challenges.

Old rugs, new rugs, there are many reasons Navajo rugs can become damaged. In almost forty years of restoring rugs, I have gained the experience to know what each individual rug needs. I am proud of the quality of my work and my customers appreciate my reliability, integrity and expertise.

You can hear me talk about restoring rugs in this interview with LaChaun Moore on her WEAVE podcast. Listen here.

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Penelope Starr

Before & After

A sample of transformed customer rugs. Questions? See the FAQ page.


Almost forty years of experience and many happy customers.

You do remarkable work and it is wonderful that the craft of Navajo weaving is still in the hands of someone as skillful as you. Thank you so much! It meant a lot to me to have that rug repaired. I am sure many people feel this way and have told you this, but I just want to add my thank you. I am now one of your many grateful admirers!

MF - Tampa, Florida

I am absolutely thrilled . . . I now have it proudly displayed on my floor and I will walk on it with pride. Your work is flawless.

JM - Santa Clarita, California

Navajo Rug Restoration and Repair