Penelope Starr

Before and After

Corner missing from dog chew - yarn dyed to match and rewoven

Broken warps - rewoven and tassel added

Broken end loops - replaced and weft rewoven

Rug damaged from shaking too hard - warps replaced

Years of use and neglect - replaced loops, rewoven and cord replaced

Selvedge cords broken which can lead to edge damage - cords replaced

Moth damage in one color = many holes rewoven

End and edge damaged - end and side cords replaced

Insect and rot damage - warps replaced and rewoven

Thin spots from folding and aging - weft dyed and replaced

Edges too far gone for restoration - false selvedge cord created

Tools of the trade


Restoring Navajo Rugs since 1982

End rotted away, probably from water damage - pattern recreated

Dog ate the edge (and two corners) - rewoven and cords replaced

This poor old rug is beyond repair. Too many holes and very thin areas (where the vertical white warp threads are showing.) Don't wait until your rug is in this condition!