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Some of my referrals are from:

The Heard Museum, Phoenix, Arizona

The Attic Hogan, Prescott, Arizona

The Old Territorial Shop, Scottsdale, Arizona

Gallery West, Tucson, Arizona

Some of my satisfied clients are:

RB Ravens Gallery, Rancho de Taos, New Mexico

John C. Hill, American Indian Art, Scottsdale, Arizona

Spanish Cross Trading Company, Tucson, Arizona

Bing Crosby Gallery, Park City, Utah

“You do remarkable work and it is wonderful that the craft of Navajo weaving is still in the hands of someone as skillful as you. Thank you so much! It meant a lot to me to have that rug repaired. I am sure many people feel this way and have told you this, but I just want to add my thank you. I am now one of your many grateful admirers!” . . . MF, Tampa, Florida

"I am absolutely thrilled . . . I now have it proudly displayed on my floor and I will walk on it with pride.  Your work is flawless . . ." JM, Santa Clarita, California

"I love having my rug back & in usable condition!  Thank you so much." BG, Ft. Collins, Colorado

"Thank you for renewing my Navajo rug!  The edgework and finishing are beautifully done. I like the idea that another hand, in this current time, is a part of the rug ~ thanks!  J.A., Tucson, Arizona

“Penelope Starr combines expertise, craft and passion in a way that results in artistry.  She obviously understands and respects the intentions of the original weaver, and restores the rugs that come to her to a near pristine condition.  What time takes away from these original masterworks, she restores with care, patience and love.  You can do no better than entrust your Navajo weavings to her.” . . . AS, Baltimore, MD

"The elderly rug arrived yesterday.  It doesn't look restored, more like resurrected.   We are very pleased.  Thank you for your expertise and mastery of the craft.", RB, Whitethorn, California

"The rug is FANTASTIC! WOW!  Thank you so much for your talent & energy . . . You are truly a gifted artist and I feel grateful to own a piece of your art." M.H.H., Phoenix, Arizona

“It's great to use my Navajo saddle blanket again. Your work is clean and beautiful and appropriate to the color and problem” D. B., Demming, New Mexico

"I don't know how you do it.  I can find little evidence of any damage where you fixed the problem. . . . Thanks again for your excellent service in repairing this treasure.  D. S., Palo Alto, California

“Thanks for doing the work so well on the rug - we are very happy with it and . . . will hang it on our den wall.” W. P., Jackson, Mississippi

"We really appreciate the good work.  It's like having an old friend back, with a face lift!"  B. G., Cottonwood, Arizona

“Thank you very much for your efforts, Penelope. I will be recommending you to friends.”, M.G., Dallas, Texas

“Thanks again for your honest evaluation of the damage to my rug.” L.H., Los Angeles, California

“(The rug) hasn’t looked so good for decades! and it’s now on my bedroom floor once again. I am grateful.” RS, Palm Springs, California

I do not buy, sell, clean or appraise textiles.  My whole focus is on
restoration and repair.

Please feel free to contact me

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about restoring Navajo rugs and textiles

Penelope Starr

Tucson, Arizona